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Books can be the best way or medium to learn anything you want to learn in life. No demands no problems. The world is constantly changing and so we are, reading books is the same habit but the medium changed.

From paperback to digitalized way, we all grew. But the good habit of learning things from books remains the same. So, here we are providing you the facility to read books from any device and from anywhere.

It is the starting of providing education, so why not make it free now. All E-books currently are free of cost. Grab your best deal and get educated.

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I have learned the techniques that will help our youth and youngster to become independent in life. It can be in any terms like Money, Mindset, Knowledge. I will be covering many topics like FINANCIAL, FREELANCING, EDUCATIONAL, EBOOK, COURSES through my site to teach people


The categories or topics that I will be putting here or I will be sharing about will be one of the best pieces of information you will get on the Internet, which is very much authentic I have experienced all these things practically in my life and it is true that the more you are practical life, the more you learn more.

So I will be teaching everything about these topics with my own experiences with my own results also I will be providing all of them for free !!!.

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Why Read Articles

Articles are one of the best mediums to share whole content with people who really want to learn about it.

Formative articles will be added on this site to know more about financial literacy, mindset, and many more. We’ll share informative and life-changing information through our articles.

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Public speaking is an art. Many people are afraid to talk to people and have less confidence. Here were are presenting you the best book of building the confidence of speaking in public with full confidence written by DALE CARNEGIE

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Anywhere you go in this world if you don’t have the confidence to speak in public you cannot succeed in your purpose of life and cannot achieve all those things you dreamed of.


Akhilesh Soni


Akhilesh Soni

Hey, I’m Akhilesh Soni, I help people to find their real purpose in life which helps them to know better about mindset, money, and time freedom.