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Best Apps To Build A Resume

Best Apps To Build A Resume

Best Apps To Build A Resume

There are many apps available in the market which can build the best resume. In this article, I will be sharing Best Apps To Build A Resume. Nowadays many people are losing their jobs due to pandemic/lockdown. Many people are still dependent on one income source. Like jobs are now online, School, College, and meetings all are now online.

No one thought that a time will come where everything will be managed online. Companies are losing a huge amount during the lockdown that happened in different countries and states. which made owners decide to fire their employees. And now the world is on the internet. People are now applying for online jobs and internship which eventually helps them to earn and also improve their skills.

Whatever the jobs are available offline or online one should have skills in the particular field to perform tasks properly.

which eventually helps the company to get profit and through which the company also grows. Growing companies focus on people with good skills in more than one field.

Applying for the job is easy when your resume does the most of your work main impression is provided by resume. which increases your chances to get a higher position.


If I talk about myself, I started focusing on different skills from 2019, which is now helping me to clear the interviews I am giving. When an interviewer takes your interview He/She will focus more on your skills. Skills matters a lot than anything else. You just have to write all the skills you have and the skills you are working on. More good skills help to make your impression stronger on the interviewer so I would suggest focus on your skill.

After working on your skills and working in different fields, it’s time to build an effective resume. That grabs the attention of companies and also on the interviewer.

So there are plenty of things you should focus on while making and resume but this article is not about how to create a resume that grabs the attention of the interviewer.




In this article, I will be sharing some of the best software that helped me to create an effective, attractive, and powerful resume that will obviously help you to get your dream job.

For attracting an interviewer it is really important for you to create an effective resume that gives a clear vision of your work. The apps that I would be sharing with you provide many different pre-designed resume templates that you just need to edit and boom your one of the best attractive resumes is ready.

You can also create your own design of a resume through these apps. These apps are free to use and you will not face any type of issue with them.

Whether it is a copyright issue or any other in the process of designing your resume template. I myself also use these software for making different types of resumes that helped me to get different types of internships in which the resume played the most important role.

The most effective apps for creating interesting resumes are as below:-



Getting an effective resume with canvas is a good idea. Canva is one of the best designing apps. Which is free to use. There are both types of elements and templates are available free one and also pro version one. One of the best things about canvas is it provides 70% of the elements free to use which helps you to easily create beautiful designs. That attracts your interviewer/client(in the business field).

If you are working in social media and want your audience to engage with your content more, Then canvas can be the best for you to create amazing templates that can create audience attraction towards your post. There are many pre-built templates are available that you can just easily edit and use them.

Pro version has really amazing templates. That professionals create through photoshop but you can easily use them through the canva premium version.


Cake Resume

Cake resume is one of the best resume-creating app. Which free you use but you have to log in with any of your accounts it can be Facebook, Gmail, or other option that are available.

Cake Resume offers the prebuilt best resume templates. where you can add your own details and your effective resume will be ready to present.

Cake resume gives steps and options like select a resume template, Complete your personal profile, customize your resume, download, and print on the starting page after login.

You just have to click on Get started! button and boom you are ready to go. Cake resume provides a prebuilt resume template or the template that is used by most of the user. which you can edit and add your details on it and your resume will be ready in minutes.



Zety of the app where you’ll find free resumes, icons, and symbols which you can use anywhere and there will be no copyright issue or any other issue that will interrupt your work.

Most of the time I have used icons from zety that are more attractive and minimalistic. which attracts users/interviewer so much.

Zety can create a good quality resume and you can add your own items to it. The best part of zety is you can just simply use the icons for your resume from zety only.

You don’t have to go to other sites for using different icons that will help your resume to look more attractive and effective.





Visme is another of the best app for not only creating resume but also you can create presentations, social media graphics, charts, maps, documents, videos and etc.

There more than 16 template categories are available on which you can just click and start edit. The best part of the visme is, It is similar to canva.

Here you can just drag and drop different kinds of elements, photos and etc.

which can make your design look good. It can really create an attractive, effective, and informational resume that interviewer likes to watch.

There are plenty of other options are also available for creating awesome designs. You can just take your designing game to another level.



Venngage is an app where you can not only create a resume but also a CV. There are plenty of different templates are available like infographic, timeline, diagram, report, presentation, data visualization templates and etc.

There are many other options are available like solutions, products and etc. Where you can not only make templates for yourself but also for your team if you are running a business.

This app is best for a person who is in business or a job.

Where you are dealing with presentation, meetings, data visualization it helps to create a creative design.

This can help to make your design work easier and also easy to understand.



Visual CV

Visual CV is an app for creating an attractive and formal resume and CVs with vide variety of templates. At starting after signup and login it introduces you to the different types of templates and I swear there are such amazing templates were available and I was so confused in choosing which one to take and edit.

There are different types of writing designs are available background, image positions are available which is the main part of your resume.

There are templates available with the heading like product manager, marketing, social media marketing, a software designer. which basically gives a rough knowledge of design according to your work.

You can choose that design according to the work you are searching for or currently working on.


These are some apps that are best for creating an amazing effective resume that can really help you to get your dream job. A resume plays the main role in getting the dream job you are searching for. An amazing resume helps the interviewer to focus on the things that are really good for their company. But I would include these things in Best Apps To Build A Resume, that if you are thinking that if you create a good resume design or using the amazing design for your resume and you have not worked in a particular field or worked in a particular field, then the resume will not work. I will make a separate article on how to create an amazing resume that interviewers are looking for.

I hope this was helpful for you and you got some information about something new. If you loved this article, Do comment about what is the best thing you loved about this article in the comment section. Share it with your friends who are looking for Best Apps To Build A Resume.



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