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Hey Everyone This Is An INTRODUCTION TO MY LIFE STORY – Social Media Influencer. I am a Social Media Influencer who welcomes you to a new website ” www.iamakhileshsoni.com “. As A Social Media Influencer, I Learned So Many Things During This 1 Whole Year. 



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My Name Is Akhilesh Soni A 20-year-Old Boy With A Dream And Vision To Add Values To Life. In May 2021 I Have Completed My Graduation with Bachelors Of Science in Computer Science. A Student Who has Learned Coding. This is just the result of 2021 but, what happened in my life?

So let’s Go Back In The Past And Get To Know Me Better For the Future.

My Life Was Going In Such A Good Track till 2020 hit me….. And Literally, it hit me soo hard.



So lets Me Start From The Beginning.

When I was In School I Was More Interested In Sports And Other Extracurricular Activities but never in Studies. But When I Was In 12th Class I Got Serious About My Life And Studies I start Working and Studying So hard That My Own Classmate Said to Everyone That He Will Be The Topper Of This Year But Unfortunately It never Happened Due To Some Family Issue Came and Again My Roller coaster ride came down to the earth.

I pass my 12th class From Mumbai and then I Thought I Have to go to college with my school friends and have chilling and vibing everything goes soo smooth and I was never focused on my careers and academics, started exploring college life, and literally, I loved that.

I don’t know why and how I started bunking my college lecture because I and my college friends thought this is fun and exciting we started doing this and soon 2 years of my college life go over and then 2020 came.

At That Time Tiktok Was in trend at that time everyone was making TikTok videos and they were getting viral and famous. I started Making Tiktok Videos With My Friends And We enjoyed it A Lot.

I noticed that I was getting more confident in front of the camera while acting on Tik-Tok videos. Gradually My Confidence Level Starts Increasing.


2020 The year when the pandemic hit so hard in everyone’s life and everyone was soo scared and disturbed. Because No one has ever seen this type of thing in whole life. There were many things everyone thought it was difficult to do and now due to the lockdown we learned things that seem to be difficult and impossible.

In This Lockdown Many Thoughts were coming into my mind and I started thinking about my future. A Friend Of Mine Encouraged me and said start working on yourself. And Gave Me The Idea Of Starting A YouTube Channel.

Finally, On 27th March 2020, I Created My Youtube. It Is True That 1st video On Youtube Will Never Be The Best One. But I was Proud Of Me That I Started the most important part is to start many people don’t even start and take that first step because no one wants to start from 0. But The Bitter Truth is Every Have To Start With Zero and if You Don’t Start You Missed That Opportunity To Be a successful person.

This Lesson I Learned When I Published My First Youtube Video.

The First Youtube Video I Published Was a Tik-Tok Video I published On Tik-Tok 


I Uploaded Few More Tik-Tok videos on youtube and then after some time, I realized that it is a different platform I learned a new thing.

I thought I have to do some news and some things different here so I started making funny clips and after some time I decided to Make Vlogs.


What Is Vlog?

A Vlog is a Blog that is in Video Format. In this a person creates a video in regular intervals and shows his/her life through a social made platform through this audience can virtually experience the creator’s life through their vlogs.


So I started making vlogs and when I started making vlogs consistently I saw some growth in me like I was more interested in knowing different types of software that can help me to edit my vlog in a better way. I Learned How to shoot video from mobile in cinematic style. Things Were Changing at that time and I Promised Myself to be consistent and work on myself. I started Reading Self-Development Books which gives me more ideas about content creation, about life and etc.



This Is How I Started my journey on social media. On 27 March 2021 I successfully complete 1 year on youtube and through this 1-year journey I learned so many things and lessons that I would be sharing with you and you can also work on them and improve your skills.

I’m Working on different things every day I will be sharing my tips and tricks on how to grow on Instagram, youtube, or any Social Media Platform. I will Be soon Publishing My Courses at the lowest cost possible. Cracking Algorithms of social media is now possible through my course. I will Inform You When I will Be Publishing My Course Through Which You Can Also Earn A Lot Of Money Through Social Media.

At a Young Age, Everyone wants to buy things that we love but due to low pocket money, we are not able to buy the things we want. I Have Started Earning at the age of 19 and now I will be sharing my tips and tricks through which you can also earn a lot of money through which you can have anything you want in your 20’s



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