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Many of us now focusing on creating a big brand on Instagram so here’s the solution and rules on which you should focus on “INSTAGRAM GROWTH GAME RULES”. People are now developing with the time it means, previously people were only focusing on getting entertained on Instagram but, Now people are also searching for some new knowledge or information videos or post.

Which can help them to grow “. People are now developing with the time it means, previously people were only focusing on getting entertained on Instagram but, Now people are also searching for some new knowledge or information videos or post. Which can help them to grow.

Many of us now are available on Instagram. Which is one of the biggest social media platform where you can upload your photos, videos through which many people can know you.

So now creators are focusing on teaching other people, creating educational videos, post what their audience needs. But still, creators are not getting any results like the growth of their Instagram account, more followers, more likes and etc.

Now many creators want to know why this is happing with them and how can they solve their problems of Instagram growth. How can they grow on Instagram?, what is the real way of growing on Instagram?, How to get more followers on Instagram?, How to create a big brand on Instagram?

All these questions come to mind when there is no result. So now in this article, I will be helping you with your all questions and will be sharing all my tips and tricks on growing on Instagram in an organic way, Which will help you to get more followers, likes, engagement with your audience.

In this article I will be sharing all the rules you should definitely focus on to organically grow and touch the sky on success “INSTAGRAM GROWTH GAME RULES”.

So let’s start with my tips and tricks that I’m constantly using for my Instagram growth:-



  • This is the most important part of this INSTAGRAM GAME.
  • This is where many people give up.
  • Remember doing anything in life it is important to be consistent in your work what you are doing.
  • CONSISTENCY IS THE 1st KEY to success when building a brand on Instagram.
  • At starting you will be creating the worst posts but, remember to be consistent in making posts.


Learn Everyday

  • Learn every day, This is where you come up with new ideas daily.
  • There are many people who never learn and just keep on posting the same old things.
  • Learning every day will help you to know about new things, new ideas and etc.
  • Also, learn from others, there are many other people available in our surroundings which indirectly teaches us something.



Focus On Long Term Goals

  • FOCUS is the center point of success.
  • I have seen many people focusing on SHORT TERM RESULT.
  • This is where many people lose their patience and burn out, All because of focusing on the short-term results.
  • Instagram is a game on LONG TERM RESULT.
  • Never focus on the short-term result, you will not see any result, Small results can be seen after 6 months of practice.



Focus On Values You Provide

  • Nowadays people are searching for those who provide value to them.
  • So it is important for you to focus on the values you are providing to your audience.
  • PEOPLE WILL FOLLOW you when they get what they really want ( To The Point ).
  • Sit for a few minutes alone and think about what you are providing to your audience.
  • There you will get the real answer why are you not growing.



Never Give Up

  • This is the endpoint of your Instagram growth game.
  • Remember This is where all games are played.
  • This is where some creators took one step towards success and the rest stop here.
  • Giving up should never be an option in your mind.



  • Many people hesitate in asking for help from others.
  • This is where you never gain any knowledge.
  • When you are not hesitating in asking for help, you get room in gaining other’s knowledge, their tips & tricks.


  • Comparing with others is the most common cause of self-doubt and disappointment.
  • Comparing yourself with others will always make you feel low, small.
  • Remember everyone has unique qualities and expert in their own fields.


  • Many people think your competition is other creators.
  • Remember your biggest competition is “YOU” the previous day.
  • Always try something new the next day.
  • Remember to become a better version of yourself every day.


These are some of the tips and tricks I always remember in my Instagram game. These rules (INSTAGRAM GROWTH GAME RULES) are important when you step into the game of social media. It is not easy to grow on Instagram but it is not impossible. There are many creators available on Instagram but not everyone is succeeding in growing on Instagram just because of missing some rules of growth.

I personally keep all these rules in my mind when growing on Instagram. Let me know what rules are you currently using in your social media growth game.

Share this post with your social media creators and let them know what they are doing right and what they are missing in their social media growth.

I will recommend you start working on these things on your social media game. It will literally help you to grow your account on Instagram. These are not only the ways that are available, there are many other ways that are available, that can really help you to grow your social media account.

I will be sharing more growing tips and tricks and the ways I am using in growing my own social media account. Through this way, you will be able to learn the game of social media and you can also earn a lot of money through that.



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