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Why I Started Youtube?

Why I Started Youtube?

Why I Started Youtube, I will be sharing my whole thoughts journey and literally everything on Why I Started Youtube. Hey, guys what is up hope you all are doing well in life. Hope you are having productive days in this lockdown. Actually, we learned to become more productive from the previous 2020 year lockdown.

So, In this article, I will be sharing “Why I Started Youtube“. Let’s dive into my social media journey. Hope you all are ready to know my story of starting a youtube channel.

Everyone wants to be an engineer, officer, or in a government field where they will be getting a lot of money, and also the main reason for having a government job is to be secure of job (job security). People think the private sector is very risky and also has very little income through which they will be living a whole life in the struggle. This was 100% true but in the ’90s.

Let me talk about my thinking before having the mindset that I have now. I was also like others who think government jobs are best and without government jobs there is nothing. But Ever you thought why everyone just talks about having a government job rather than a private-sector job. This thing I realized when started reading self-development books.

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Rich Dad & Poor Day, The book taught me a lot of things about life. In this book, I got the answer to my question ” Why Everyone Wants Government Job“. So listen to the answer very carefully and hope it will connect with your thinking. So basically schools and education system always use to teach us to work in government job agree. They themselves are working as a government employee. School teaches us to educate ourselves to get a good government job where the salary will be high. But no one says educate yourself so that you can do something on your own and build a good company.

All this is because of mindset. People want government sector works because they want security. What does that security mean?

This security means Job security, financial security, Health care security, Pension and etc. Agree?

This like fear in everyone’s mind. Government jobs provide security and everyone wants that only. No one wants to take risks and wants to work on their own.

I don’t mean the government sector is wrong or I have issues with them NO !!!. The issue is with the mindset everyone has build. I was also in that mindset only. But when I finished ” Rich Dad & Poor Dad “, I got to know that I have something more to do. I just made myself to be in the safe zone. Not taking risks, Not believing in my ability, Not following my passion.

Why I Started Youtube?

All this is the Rat Trap. People do government jobs to pay their Bills, Debt, Children’s Education, Daily Home Food Spending and etc. It is really a Rat Trap. People work for the money and they don’t know how to make money work for you. In this Rat Trap, we earn and pay taxes, bills, debt, daily spending and we die. At last, we don’t have money to save. We don’t enjoy life.

Rich Dad & Poor Dad changed my way of thinking, And now I can surely say that Whatever I am doing now is to earn for myself, Not for other company or other. This mindset made me get more knowledge about the work, skills, and surroundings. This book (Rich Dad & Poor Dad) gave financial knowledge. Which everyone should have honestly. You must have noticed that the education system doesn’t teach about financial skills, financial freedom, etc. But when your mindset is not inside the rat trap you will surely think about financial freedom, skills.



I choose to be in the private sector to become financially free. And believe me, government jobs will never make you financially free. But government jobs will really make your next generation financially free. My dad was a government service person, Our family background was not so good in respective to financial freedom. But when my father worked as a government servant. He made my life good. So, I will never be against government jobs. I am just against the mindset that we build.

After reading more self-development books my mindset changed. In 2020, Coronavirus came and all the schools, colleges, and everything got shut down. I was in the second year of my college. Lockdown was applied in India on 21st March 2020. Spending the whole day inside the home was really got difficult for me.

But why, Because we all are not used to it. We use to spend our time outside the home. Having fun with a group of friends, chilling and vibing roaming around. Not being serious about the future. During lockdown one of my friends suggested I start a youtube channel. This is because before lockdown I was interested in making TikTok videos. And I was a little bit confident to perform in front of the camera.

So I also decided to start my youtube. I made my first youtube video which was horrible. And I was not at all shocked by seeing that. Because I know that my first ever video will be the worst one. I continuously use to make videos and I saw the growth in me. Then I became more confident in front of cameras. Gradually I started making vlogs, travel videos because I love to travel and explore new places and I saw results. From that, I made my mind in making more youtube videos. And I am continuously making youtube videos.

During this journey, I got to know more things likes. Being patient, being confident, how to speak in front of people, how to build your personality. During this journey I upgraded my self I learned a lot of skills like video editing, photo editing, social media marketing, and also worked with different companies as an intern.

Still, I want to work more want to explore more, and want to continue this thing. I got to know how to become financially free, how to earn etc. This pandemic also taught me that only one income stream is not enough to become financially free, Because of Inflation, people losing their jobs, etc. So I made different income sources that will indirectly make me financially free. Soon I will be sharing what are the ways of becoming financially free.

The biggest advantage of starting youtube videos helps me to create content from anywhere in the world. Nowadays we can create content from anywhere. I can create content, I have no boss, I work for myself and etc. Basically, everything you do is for yourself not for boss or company. But what eventually happened in my life is, I don’t want to do a 9-5 job or a job for security. Now I literally work 24 hours included sleep :).

I am really happy to work as a youtube, social media influencer, social media marketing, Instagram strategist, etc. What can be the best part for a student?. Supporting parents? Agree. I am very blessed to have a family who is very much supportive and helps in every situation.



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