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Is Instagram Good For Marketing ?

Why Instagram Is Good For Marketing

Why Instagram Is Good For Marketing“, You must have heard from many people and creators that Instagram is the best social media platform to grow and earn, etc. Whenever we hear the term Instagram.Social Media Marketing

The image comes to our mind people uploading images, creating reels, scrolling feeds, and explore pages.

We all know Instagram is currently one of the trending social media platforms where every day new users are joining Instagram. And people are spending more time on Instagram.

The more people spend time on Instagram the more Instagram grows. So that’s why Instagram start working on their audience’s needs.




That’s why Instagram recently started working more on its updates and feature. The biggest feature that people loved was Instagram reels. That really changed the life of many creators. Instagram reel became the platform for people to showcase their talents and can earn from them. By seeing the growth of Instagram reels many companies decided to promote their product on Instagram through creators (or) Influencer who are already working there and having a good amount of audience.

Instagram Update

It is true that the company will never sponsor their product with the creator having 50-100

followers. The company also wants to grow by spending an amount on the advertisement of the product. Creators who do not have a good amount of reach will never give the profit to the companies product. People who are having a good amount of followers on Instagram like more than 1000 followers have the chance to grab the attention of the company.

Companies are searching for creators having loyal audiences who have trust in their creator/Influencer. Because it is the benefit for a company like if a creator “X” has loyal audience there are high chances that if the company is sponsoring and advertising their product to creator “X” audience of creator “X” will buy that product. This is why most of the company sees the creator having a loyal audience or having more reach. More reach means companies product will have more audience to advertise their product.


Instagram has 1 billion active users. This is the reason behind Instagram is most favorite social media platform after Facebook. Facebook has 2.7 billion monthly active users. It also doesn’t matter much because Instagram, WhatsApp also comes under Facebook. So indirectly all the advantage goes to Facebook only.

In this era, everything is going online. Before this company uses to promote their product more on banners, holdings, Tv, and in other markets. But now the world is on the internet and most of the people are working and earning on the internet. So companies are also working on it and changing their way of marketing and doing business.


As I have said before Instagram is most loved by people after Facebook. But according to me, I have seen people spending more time on Instagram just because of the new Instagram feature which is Instagram Reels.

So, What Is Instagram Reels?

If you don’t know Instagram Reels is the new feature of Instagram.

  • which is a short video format.
  • Where people can create short videos of 15-30 sec time limit on any topic/niche.
  • Instagram reels are inspired by Tik-Tok which was a short video-sharing platform.
  • After the ban of Tik-Tok, Instagram came with the Idea of Instagram Reels because they saw that people are more interested in making short videos.
  • This format helped many people in showcasing their talent.


Through this Instagram became the best platform to do marketing and gives positive results to companies. Instagram has reached all around the globe. So if a company promotes their product on Instagram through the creator. It is sure that it will be spread and advertise all around the world through Instagram.

Marketing is not just for big companies but also know small business owners, even individual creators are marketing products, content, and many more. Content advertising is also coming under marketing. There is a creator who creates amazing content on Instagram and the best part is they have the freedom and opportunity to market their content itself on Instagram because the audience is there to know about the content. The best part is now people are building community. The community really helps in building relationships and also marketing the content/product.


This is the question really comes to our mind why only Instagram for marketing?

  • As I shared Instagram is a favorite social media app for many people.
  • My honest point is the more people we find on a particular platform the more successful it becomes.
  • Creators and influencers love Instagram because of the reach they get and the community they can build.
  • A small business owner can set up their product selling shop on Instagram Shop feature itself only.


Now creators are more focused on building a community rather than having millions of random followers, who don’t even bother about what you post on your profile.

When community building is the priority you get more engagement, reach, discovery rate, and more. Focusing on community building is the

Community Building

best thing that people love.

And this is the advantage company has to introduce their product into the virtual world.

Influencer/Creators are also creating amazing content to earn money and it is like they should hesitate to say. Everyone works to earn.

Instagram attracts more audiences. And this is what the company wants. Instagram also added a new shop feature that can help companies and creators to earn directly by adding products to the eCommerce site.

Basically, a landing page that will be redirected when the audience buys a new product. Small businesses got an opportunity to promote their business and sell their product directly through Instagram shop and Facebook ads.

So It is true that “Instagram Is The Best Social Media For Marketing”.

It is the best time for the creators or the people who want to convert their passion into a profession through Instagram/Social Media. Bug up and use this opportunity in your favor.



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