Windows 11 Official Installation


Windows 11 Official installation is what everyone wants to know about. How to install Windows 11 Officially. Recently in June 2021, Windows 11 leaked got released on the internet. And people all over the world got to know the major update windows 11 going to give in its new launch.

Before this there was a great announcement was giving by the windows team that they will **not be developing new windows** like they usually doing upgrading themselves like Windows XP, Windows 7, windows vista, windows 8/8.1, windows 10. They said they will not be upgrading to new windows because they said younger people adapt to new features fast but what about the older ones. People who work have jobs and uses windows find it difficult to adapt to new windows features.

But now what happened is no one was expecting that the Microsoft team was working on new windows. And, Suddenly they launched and announced windows 11. The best part about Windows 11 is people are loving the features they are providing. People are excited to use windows 11.



Now Microsoft team has announced that they will be releasing Windows 11 later this year means around Oct, Nov, Dec in 2021. But there’s a way of installing windows 11 official before others. Through this, you can use windows 11 and can effectively do your work with new windows 11 features.

Anyone can use this way to install windows 11 through this and let me tell you the best part. We all worry about having this before everyone but also don’t want to have any trouble and illegal way of doing it which may cause anything.

So, the best part about the way I am going to share with you for installing windows 11 is, it is a legal way and officially provided by Microsoft teams

This is basically the way you can just upgrade from your previous windows like usually most of us currently using windows 10.

So we can just upgrade our windows freely from windows 10 to windows 11 hassle-free without getting into any trouble so let’s dive into this.

First of all windows, 11 is not providing the windows 11 upgrade before the end of this year for a normal user.

But theirs is a way you can access windows 11 upgrade from your Windows 10 freely by joining the windows insider program. Windows insider program users get the upgrade before anyone normal/common users of Microsoft. So let’s talk about how to join the windows insider program. I will be sharing the images also to understand more in the right way.


So, the First part is to join the windows insider program held by Microsoft teams. Now a question that arises in our mind is what actually windows insider program is and what is the function of the windows insider program?

So the biggest advantage of being a member of the windows insider program is you get all the updates before it gets to the normal user of windows.

When you join the windows insider program it is basically you will be testing the updates from windows before normal users. You have the right to give feedback about what you loved about the new updates or what things should be done in a more efficient way.

So this is the first thing you should do “Joining windows insider program”

Steps To Join Windows Insider Program

  1. Go To Settings
  3. Click On Windows Insider ProgramWINDOWS 11 OFFICIAL INSTALLATION
  5. Link Your Gmail/Microsoft AccountWINDOWS 11 OFFICIAL INSTALLATION
  6. Select Dev as your insider setting
  7. Finish Setting Up
  8. Now you are a member of the windows insider program


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After setting up with the windows insider program it will take few minutes and after that, you have to go to the windows update section. Where new updates will be available for you. Just click on start downloading and installing new updates. It will automatically start downloading and installing the new updates and windows 11. It will take 2-3 hours to download and install your windows 11. Do not worry about the frameworks and other stable software for windows 11. I will automatically download all the necessary files and stable software for your windows 11.

While Windows 11 is being downloaded and installing you can do other work on your machine without worrying about stopping downloading and installing windows 11.

After the downloading of Windows 11, it will automatically notify you for restarting and installing Windows 11 so that you can save your work and let Microsoft windows do its work.

Will my all the documents and file will delete after windows 11 installation?

No, your all the files and documents will be saved as it is. This process just changes the windows and all the other things will be same as it was. All new features will be replaced by the old ones and the logos and icons will be changed all the content that was there in your old windows will be at the same place where you left them.


WINDOWS 11 Best Features

Now after the installation of windows 11, we all are excited to see the best features that come with windows 11. So in this section, I will be sharing all the changes you will see after the installation of windows 11. And trust me the news windows 11 features are amazing especially the UI’s. Many people say the design is similar to MacOs and it is true. But windows 11 is really amazing and you will really enjoy it while using windows 11. So, Let’s see all the features of windows 11.

Start Menu

The most famous feature we all are excited to see is the start menu icon is shifted to the center of the bottom screen. You can shift the windows start menu icon to the left by changing the setting of the icon.

You can adjust it where ever you want center/left as you wish.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Theirs Microsoft teams inbuilt apps will be provided. Those who are studying or working online have to attend meetings. Therefore windows 11 introduces Microsoft apps.

Use Of Android Apps

Another thing windows 11 featured is, it will be supporting Android apps too. Without using any third-party apps. This helps the android user to access all their apps in windows 11 without using any third-party app.

Gaming Experience

The best features provided by Microsoft Windows 11 for gamers it. Windows 11 will automatically optimize your machine for the games you want to play with default HDR mode. Which will help us to get a more good experience while playing the games.

Official Microsoft Windows 11 Features || Windows 11


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