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Dominate On Instagram

Dominate On Instagram” is the thing every new creator wants to have. Like having a lot of likes, shares, comments and etc. The biggest problem is new creators always are in rush to upload a lot of content on social media (or) on Instagram without knowing the real way of growing on social media. We all know Instagram is one of the most used and loved by the youngster social media platform. And still now also many people are joining Instagram due to its amazing features.

These features are making people crazy for Instagram. Think by yourself why you are on Instagram. Obviously getting entertained on Instagram through its best feature which is “Instagram Reels”. One of the most addictive features Instagram introduced. By seeing the growth of people on platforms like Tik-Tok where people get too much attached to that social media app.

Instagram took the advantage of Tik-Tok video sharing platform format after the banning of Tik-Tok due to some government conflicts. Instagram used that as an advantage and now they are having fun, making huge amounts of money. It is also true that Instagram on the other hand gave the opportunity to the creator to earn and convert their passion into a profession that will help them to earn and grow.

Dominate On Instagram” doesn’t mean to really dominate on the real company of Instagram or the account of Inst

Dominate On Instagram

agram. Dominating on Instagram is basically moving your Instagram profile to the top of your niche. Which will help your Instagram profile to grow and get more reach, engagement, and discovery rate.

So “Dominate On Instagram” can be done only by your content and the way you use your Instagram and your profile. But do you really think only your content can do what you actually want as a result? There are many other ways that help in building a strong profile and strong side on Instagram, especially in your niche. Honestly speaking there are many ways provided by many people and listed on Google which will easily help you to grow. But why should you follow the way I am sharing with you?

There are many people who will just copy the content from the internet and will show that same to you. But I am sharing this because I have tried this for more than 2 years on social media and It worked. That’s why it is really helpful for everyone who reads this article. Experimenting with everything before telling others is important and in my case, these ways helped a lot. So why don’t you just give it a try?


This is the first step of the content creation game. Picking a niche is very important. Niche Is the core of your content creation game. People never like that profile having no niche or I’ll say as that people will never like that profile whose profile is not clear in my mind that what the profile is actually providing. It’s like the category of content (Like – Lifestyle, Photography, Food, Inspirational, Fashion, Strategies, etc.)


This is the basic thing you should do when you are working on a content creation game. In this, you have to make your mind clear about who is your targeted audience and for whom you’ll be creating content. Like if you are creating information content then the audience who wants to see entertainment content is not your targeted audience. In this way analyze your content audience and then start making content for them.


When you are full in the content creation game make sure to focus on providing value to your audience. The more values you provide the more you grow. Don’t just focus on getting millions of followers or more than 10-100 followers every day. Instead, focus on providing value every day and that should be your daily basis goal.


Optimization of social media profiles is as necessary as uploading content on social media. No one wants to see a profile that is not clear with his/her mind that what actually they want to provide others. The audience doesn’t want to get confused when visiting your social media profile. So it is really important to optimize your Instagram account. Now a question arises on how to optimize your Instagram Profile. I have shared the best way of Optimizing your Instagram profile in one of my articles.

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For optimizing your Instagram profile there are some of the things you should fix or focus on

  1. Username
  2. Bio
  3. Call To Action
  4. Profile Feed

These are not only the ways to grow on Instagram or social media. There are various ways you can apply to grow. Like dedication, consistency, knowledge, algorithm and etc. So there are millions of ways you can work on. But that if we look practically the person who tried horse riding and only teach you the horse riding perfectly. If a person just learned horse riding theatrically, he/she can just tell you the things you should focus on, and then you just know the horse riding theoretically not practically. So learning from the person learned things and experimented with everything practically knows the real way of the growth.

I would also say that learning is one of the best parts of social media growth. Not only in social media but also in real life. When you have a mindset of learning every day, you learn a lot of things that normal people don’t learn. And trust me if you build this habit or mindset of learning every day. You’ll become like an expert in your respective field. So I would also say build good habits and stay patient in the game of social media and also in the real world. Time is the best thing and the game changer of everything. Dedicate your full time to your work and results will be seen at the right time.


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