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Build Personal Brand On Social Media

How To Build Personal Brand On Social Media

In this era, everyone talks about building a personal brand. Why everyone wants to build a personal brand and also many of us want to know “how to build a personal brand on social media”. A personal brand is really successful nowadays there are millions of reasons why a personal brand is successful. You must have seen people working on social media and their audience are mad for them to meet in public or to have a live meeting with their creator. Why the audience is really so much interested in meeting with their creator there must be some reason behind their madness. In this article, I will be sharing everything on “how to build a personal brand on social media”. With this, you’ll be able to have full knowledge of this field.

There are many creators on social media who help many people to change their life in a good way. You must have seen creators creating content that really helps you to know something new (Or) some motivational/ inspiration post on social media through which you also get inspired and by which you follow them to get more post/content like that. This is what makes the personal brand. Your creator excites their audience to know more about them and excites them to follow their content to get more reach, more audience, more engagement. Which eventually helps them to get more people to help.

Let’s take the example of a brand. Many people buy clothes, accessories, fashion apparel, shoes from the street side. It is not bad to buy products from the street side. People buy products from the street side because of low prices. People focus less on the quality of the product from the street-side but focus more on the price. The more price is low the more people like to buy the product in bulk or more than one or two. Also on the street side, people are more likely to bargain the price of the product. When people bargain the price and buy the product. People feel more proud because they think they saved 100-200 approx rupees on the product.

Now let’s look at the other side. You must have seen people visiting malls to buy some fashion products. At the mall people, first of all, change their behavior. Why because they think if they show themselves rich to others then their respect will be increased. When they enter one of the shops in the mall to buy fashion products. They never focus on bargaining the price of the product (never). Their people use to see the quality of the product. Even if they saw the same quality of the product in the street-side at a lower price.

They never compare at that time they think the quality of mall product is more than the street side which is also true. But most of the time we can have the same product with the same quality on the street side that is being sold in the mall at high rates. People buy mall products without thinking of comparing the product. This is because of the trust they have in the brand. Which is true. Big companies focus on building trust through their product. For example, if I would say you I have bought a Nike shoe anyone can say that the shoes I have bought will be the best because of the name of the brand “NIKE”. Nike is a brand. A brand that was built because of the high quality of a product. And now 90% of the people in the world know “NIKE”.


A personal brand is where you socialize yourself on social media where people know you with your personality (or) by your product. A personal brand is where you sell/show yourself, your personality, your ethics/values. In a personal brand, a person itself becomes a brand where people follow him/her follows his/her personality, style and etc. People blindly trust you they know that the person they follow is honest, loyal, motivates/inspires you, and helps you to grow. This is the real meaning of the personal brand.

Building a personal brand on social media is not so easy as it looks. We look at creators who have to build their personal brand to earn a lot of money and by seeing the huge source of income everyone gets too much attracted to becoming social media influencers and building a personal brand. But no one wants to build a personal brand to grow and not because it was what they want. Few are there who really want to build personal brands because it is their passion to do. Many people build personal brands because they want to do some change and also they want to help others by providing them high-quality content that helps their audience to learn and grow.

Now, we know everything about personal brands. And many of us really want to build a personal brand but don’t know how to build a personal brand on social media. Also what steps should we take to build a personal brand? When we take the right steps to build the personal brand we gradually move our steps towards the right path. Applying the right things is really important to build a personal brand. Many new creators make this huge mistake of not following the right steps.

This eventually makes them burn out and they give up too easily and say that they have tried a lot and gave their best. Building a person doesn’t need a lot of hard work it needs smart work. It doesn’t mean hard work is not even included in this process. In smart work only you’ll know what was to work hard and where to do smart work. I will always recommend learning about personal brands and then only make your decision on growing it on social media. So, let’s focus on things you should do in building your personal brand.



Many new creators do the mistake of selecting many niches and start working on them. This is where you’ll get 100% burnout and still, you’ll not see even 1% of progress. This is the first and most important step of moving towards building your personal brand. Pick a niche in which you have a good amount of knowledge. I will not say full knowledge. Because no one knows everything in the world. But when you have a good amount of knowledge in a particular field you gradually learn more and teach more. When you start making content on a niche where you have a good amount of knowledge you’ll automatically search more about your niche and learn more so that you can create content on that niche with your knowledge for your audience.



This is the second most important part after selecting your niche. Setting up your account is really important. No one will follow a social media account with no details, professionalism, and what it provides. So setting up your social media account is important. Pick a good username never use a cringe username, Pick a genuine user name people love authenticity. Never add numbers, special characters in your username as it makes it difficult to search and remember. Choose a username that is easy to pronounce and remember. After that work on your bio, where you will be telling about yourself, your goals, what you provide and etc in short. Make in short and professional, it should be to the point.



Making content for your social media account needs good software, which is easy to use and simple to understand. Also, make sure to learn everything about the software. Make yourself comfortable with the software. There are plenty of efficient software are available on the internet. Search for the learn them and use them. Learn to create content with that software and upload them on your social media account.



I have seen many creators copying others and also other’s content and when they never get progress in their insights they blame the algorithm of social media. Be original on social media when you are building your brand focus on your originality. People are more interested in brands that are original, transparent, authentic so that they can trust them. You have to increase the trust of your audience. When your audience trusts you. They trust your words, product, you, and everything you provide to them. By this, your brand value automatically increases. So, never copy others make your original content. If you are stuck with content ideas would say take a look at other’s content generate ideas and then make your own original content.

Remember content or design you makes at first will be the worst one. But never give up at that time. Everyone starts from scratch. Gradually you’ll grow when you keep creating content and design. You’ll see the growth in making content better. When I started making content. I made really the worst content but know I have the right knowledge of making good content and design. You’ll also learn to create the best content and design. Just work on your content and design keep creating content and upload them. Never hesitate to upload your bad-quality content. When you keep moving in this process you’ll start to learn the fundamentals of creating amazing content. But never stop creating content. Never give up and keep learning and keep growing.


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