It’s August 15th, Independence day “INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION – STORY OF INDIA ” where all Indian citizens are feeling happy because of their freedom. Having no restrictions of doing anything in the country except illegal works. One of the most special days for India and its citizens. The struggle Indians went through, all the history of Indians was not that good. Still, we went through such trouble and pain actually not we, it’s all the freedom fighters and the people who were in that situation. The unbearable situation where many people will give up but Indians fought for it. The fight for freedom.


It’s the 15th of August, The national holiday we as children wait for. We children always love to enjoy the function of Independence day. Where children use to show their dance, sing a patriotic song and also some interesting activities. Schools use to call cheif guests and us children used to gossip with our friends that who will be the chief guest of Independence day. Remember?

All those days were really awesome. The innocence, the emotions, the excitement of those school days were gold. Which we can’t find in today’s era. At that time we use to say to our friends we all together will have fun after the function. We all had a plan to play cricket/football with our classmates and also in my day we use to set matches between two sections of same class like I was in A section of 9th class then my team would have a match with B/C section of 9th class of any sport cricket/football. This was over plan after the function. But before that, we use to enjoy the function held by our school. The drama, dance, and entertaining shows are amazing.


The most awaited time before starting the function was the entry of cheif guests and the hosting of the flag. I still remember the goosebumps I get as soon as the Indian Flags hosting starts. And the national anthem of India is played and sung by us. All students use to sing the national anthem with one rhythm and their eyes were on the flying Indian Flag. The pride of India seeing the Indian flag on the top of everything. At that moment I can still feel that emotions the taste of the moment. I can definitely say that you all must be feeling the same as I said.

Now, In the function most probably in every school. There is a drama with the category/theme of patriotic. Some dance and sing-song with patriotic themes. After all that, another goosebumps moment was when everything is over chief guest goes back to their cabin and the function is over, One more patriotic song was played by school band time. That was “Saare Jahan Se Acha” that moment was also an unforgettable moment of my life. Now the time comes when we move towards the exit of the school. And t sweets/cookies/chocolates. And we always try to get one more so that we can eat more. If the person/student serving the sweets was our friend he/she use to save more sweets for us and give that at the end of the serving. This is how our function of Independence day is celebrating now also.





Many years ago we made an attempt with fate and now the time has come when we will fulfill our vow not completely or completely but to a great extent. India will wake up to life at midnight when the world sleeps And Independence 15th August 1947 midnight India wakes up to a new life of independence But two centuries of colonial rule had separated India from the Within the poverty and hunger the founding fathers of the country wiped out For every tear from each eye, he needed a pollster which was a single focal point.

Pointing towards making India modern and progressive, something that captured A bright light typical of a chaotic but eternally hopeful nation Illuminating the black storm that gleamed the future horizon of the 1920s was an Indefinite period for the Indian national movement, and then came Chauri Chaura To this, the Padma suspended Simon’s non-cooperation movement on 3rd February 1928.


The commission came to look into the Act of 1919 and met widely protested because there was no Indian in its representation of the British in their The ego declared that the Indians were incapable of self-government and decision making Lord Birkenhead’s own secretary of the state in response to the Indians Reactions posed a challenge Founding Father of the House of Lords Rose For this occasion and the all-party conference was convened in February and May 1928 It was drafted by the committee under the leadership of Nehru.

Demand for the Nehru Report in September 1929 self-government under dominion status Within the Empire but Qaida Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah rejected the report saying that since then the Hindu and Muslim parts but different he forward countered the report with his infamous 14 points in March 1929 Meanwhile Annual session of Ion C was held In Lahore in 1929 under the presidency He voted for Jawaharlal Nehru historical resolution of the full Declared Independence and Final Sunday of January 1930 as Independence.


The day the resolution gave to the British Ultimatum to Parliament that if they Report accepted by 31st December 1929 Congress will adopt it as if no they will insist on completing Independence 31 December 1929 Iron closed all gathered Bobby the British didn’t notice ultimatum and thus Swaraj flag Freedom fighters are proudly hoisted were ready to fight it was a The event is so monumental that it will change Elections were in the course of history I&C organized in 1937 came to power and Ministry of External Affairs in almost all the first province under British rule could become Indian directly connected with the government.

The dream of the Indians in power government and public service has become a reality but the chair didn’t last long world war two was started congress Ministries resigned in 1939 Those who decide to include India without consultation in war Several attempts to involve Indians India in World War II.

Filled with End the fall of the British Empire became an inevitable rebellion between Navy ranking and Air Force was The last nail in the coffin in the cabinet Mission plan came in 1946 to try and reach a compromise acceptable to all became the major stakeholder scheme foundation for the establishment Constituent Assembly for a total of two Year 11 Months and 18 Days More than Eleven sessions and sit for 166 days.



Assembly debated and discussed various challenges faced in the new idea of nation liberty equality fraternity and justice were intertwined In-depth in our constitution on 26th January Constitution came into force in 1950 Its entirety is the foundation of free India.We have become It is our duty as citizens to get used to it to understand its nature and It’s our duty to protect it remember it So that we can build our India Dreams



I hope, you liked this article and must have enjoyed it. I can say that the most lovable part of the article is the school moments. The real moment I experienced and most of the students have experienced in their school days. I would also say that today also the respect of our flag is to the top. We can host our flag in our homes. Due to pandemics schools/colleges are close. We couldn’t celebrate Independence day with our friends/school (or) college teachers, mentors and etc. But you can host Indian Flag at the top of your home. With this let’s end up with this beautiful article. Hope you liked it.

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