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Biggest Problem For Writers

Writers block is one of the biggest problems for writers. It is a problem like a mountain which you can’t even imagine. Like we know how much mountain is big from above the ground but we don’t know how much massive it is below the ground, Writers block is similar. We think it is a small problem that can be solved at any time. But we don’t know how much time it will take and how long we have to suffer from this. This is the feeling that only writers, bloggers can understand.

This problem is like a football team trying their best to score one goal against their opponent but still unable to penetrate the ball in the opponent penalty area. We try enough to write an article and share our experience, our thoughts, our work and etc. But we are so confused that we can’t even think about the content, the title, about the value of the article. We can also relate it to a writer who has worked on a lot of articles and shared them with others on the internet. A writer who never struggled like this before where he/she is so confused with the content that he/she can’t even write a word of an article. This is what writer block means.

Basically, writers block is like, A person who use to write articles for his/her audience getting stuck with his/her next article. Where he/she cannot do anything in the article writing process. It is a time where writers are in the real struggle to produce or create content for their lovely audience. In this situation, many creators give up and this is the biggest mistake one can make. In this type of situation, there are things one can do to get out of it and will never get too much stressed out because of writers block.

How I Started Writing And Faced This Situation

The best example of writers block is me myself. I started writing articles and blogs this year but all these things never started really this year. It started in 2018 when I was in college. One of my friends introduced me to a network marketing company where we have a website and also we have an HR work to promote and add more members in this field.

This is where I used the website and started creating content. But it is also true at that time it was like affection for me. Where I was not really in love with content creation games. But at that time all these things were fascinating for me and new for me. Remember whenever you were given a new toy in your childhood. You always feel special and play with that toy only every day. At this time you use to forget all your old toys even if they were expensive than this new toy. Likewise in that situation, my new website was everything for me.

I use to edit new posts and content every day. I was always in the search of making my website faster and more attractive. So that I can turn that crap into something special. I worked a lot on it and gradually I get to know that we can also earn through our website but for that, I have to create posts that are not plagiarised. At that time I learned about plagiarism which is basically copying the content of others. So, I searched for things on which I can make content that is not plagiarised.

I worked with WordPress and get to know many things about WordPress and also about its tool. Through a network marketing company, I learned to promote my site and my content. At that time I was not aware that I will be learning these things that will lead me to this stage I will be creating content for my audience and I will be on the path of social media content creator.

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I Learned Everything

So, I learned everything that I was seeing and researching. I was on the path of learning at that stage. I was learning all the mechanisms of the software that will lead me to a content creation game and which will help my site to get AdSense approval. At that time also I was facing writer’s block but at that time I was not so much familiar with writer’s block. I didn’t even know there’s a word writer’s block in this world. But now I knew about most of the things that I was not aware of at that time. Why?

Because I was always curious about new things. I was always in search of things that will keep me insane. In other words, a work that will keep me productive and busy. The more a person is busy and in love with his/her work the more is likely to become productive. The more productive a person is the more he/she successful he/she will become.

It is also true that I’m always in the mindset of becoming rich and buying all those things that I always dream about.

By the year 2021, I learned soo many things that I don’t think my friend circle has learned and am sure about it. When you work on things without thinking about anyone that what people will think is the biggest achievement this is where your boundaries and limits get break and you can achieve anything in life.

This is the motivation of working on things that really matters for you and thing that you really love to work on.

Writers block is not a thing or disease that can’t be cured. It is easy to cure just you need to be more clear and more focused on the things that really important. So now I will be sharing my own experiment that worked when I was in the situation where you are now. Exactly “WRITERS BLOCK“.



You must have noticed that most of the time the writers block happens when you pressurize yourself and push yourself. I know pushing yourself a little more is really important. Like in Gym coach say extra rep is the real strength. I would also recommend that to you. But what you do is you push yourself more, more, more than it should. Don’t put yourself under the pressure of making content at this minute. Give yourself some room to think of the content and when your mood is in a good state then start your content creation game.

Most of the time what people do is they know that they have to complete and publish their content next week. What they do is they spend their all 6 days enjoying, having fun, and wasting their time on things that are not even matters in life. On the night of the 6th day, they get into the pressure of making and publishing content. Keep working on your content regularly. Even if you write 1 line someday just to not get out of the consistent state I would appreciate that. Even writing that one line can keep you in the game for so long. So, don’t push yourself more than enough.



Music is one of the best things that can do anything. That can easily change your mood. Ever tried this when you are sad and you listen to an old song that made you feel happy. Suddenly that song makes your day and all your sadness gets fade away. In this writers block situation, you can listen to music that makes you happy. This will change your mood and by which you’ll feel a little better.

You’ll get out of that irritating situation. Also, I would say the music will also help you to get more content ideas. Just try this!!!. I also most of the time create content while listening to music like this one. This makes my mood happy and calm. By which I don’t get distracted and get more focused on creating content for my lovely audience that helps them to learn and grow. According to me, Music is one of the biggest healers, supporter, mood changer, game-changer, and many more. Try listening to music you’ll feel better.



In this type of situation, the more think about this the more your get into stress. The more you stop thinking about this the more you feel better and good. The best way to shift your focus from this is to do some other work.

When you start working on other things instead of just sitting and struggle on the same thing without even taking action on it.

With this, your other works can be done in that span of time also you will be in productive mode. When we leave things as it is we are not growing and productive. We are just getting more stressed about it. So, shift your focus and you’ll see the difference.

These are one of the best ways to deal with writers block. I myself tried all these things when I get stuck in such kind of situation. It is not like I have never dealt with writers block or I was always ready for such a situation “NO”. I was also like others who didn’t have any knowledge of what to do in these situations. I learned all these things when I faced this situation I learned the real formula I saw the changes. When we face our situation we grow and we get to know more about that particular thing.

Remember, writer’s block is not a situation that can pull you down from making content, It is not like only those who have. Everyone has this situation in front of them just we need the right things to deal with it, we need the right direction, way, knowledge and etc. Don’t be afraid of this type of situation face it and I’m sure the success will be on your foot. If this article helped you, motivated you, inspired you, changed your vision. Do share it with your mates or person who is also struggling in this kind of situation. If you liked this article do like, comment, and share it on social media platforms to get more reach.


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